Software Solutions


Innovative software solutions for system fault tolerance and application processing.

SEU Mitigation

Commercial processors have historically outpaced the capability of purpose-built space-grade processors. While rad-hard processors still play a viable role in missions that require a “never upset” level of service, many applications can benefit from the performance and cost benefits offered by rad-tolerant up-screened COTS processors.

Indeed, the improvements in total ionizing dose (TID) and destructive single-event latch-up (SEL) susceptibility observed in the latest generations of COTS processors expands the number of viable missions in which they can be deployed.

However, the radiation-induced non-destructive single-event effects (SEEs) susceptibility of modern processors has been increasing with each technology node and reduce their viability if unmitigated.

SEU Mitigation Middleware (SMM)

The development of SEU Mitigation Middleware (SMM) allows space missions to take full advantage of the latest in commercial processor technology. Troxel Aerospace’s SMM technology enables advanced mission capability never before possible at greatly reduced cost. Features:

  • Provides core-, device-, and system-level fault tolerance including fault detection, fault isolation, fault mitigation, and fault recovery
  • Can be deployed in background or interactive mode
  • Includes power and resource scheduling management
  • Currently developed for quad core ARM processors executing Linux
    • Extendable to other processors. Current targets for expansion include GPUs and FPGAs
    • Portable to other operating systems such as VxWorks and Integrity in AMP or SMP kernel deployments
    • Extendable to single, dual, and beyond quad core processors including multiple chip systems
    • Troxel Aerospace’s SMM is available as a licensable product and can be tailored to your processor architecture of choice.

Onboard Processing and Storage

We have decades of experience developing high-end data processing and storage systems for image processing, RF/DSP, communications, and payload control electronics for a variety of customers.

Mastery level experience means knowing the design tradeoffs required to optimally meet mission requirements while efficiently deploying these applications on available resource-constrained processing and storage systems in space. Building upon this rich experience, we offer novel onboard image processing and compression solutions for hyperspectral imaging (HSI), hypertemporal imaging (HTI), and infrared (IR) imaging phenomenologies. Algorithms offered include change detection, object identification and tracking, multi-phenomenology overlay, data signature filtering, and compression.

We also offer support for custom OBP system design, and algorithm sizing analysis and development, and FPA/ROIC component and system design and selection.

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